Business And Science

Business And Science

Both Business And Science are based on curiosity and a need for bettering the world. Scientists are working to create solutions to these needs, and they need to find ways to bring those innovations to market in a way that’s cost-effective and profitable for investors.

Businesses can apply Business Science to help them make smarter decisions faster. For example, marketing and sales can use it to prioritize leads and assign quotas based on historic data that helps them understand which customers are most likely to buy or to assess the chances of a candidate accepting an offer.

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Companies also use Business Science to make more informed budgeting and resource allocation decisions – whether that’s determining where to buy office space or considering the costs of moving people from one location to another. This kind of decision-making requires a deeper understanding of the business, the drivers and challenges of the business, and how to best leverage data for insights.

We think about Business Science as a new class of AI-powered analytics that enables people with domain expertise to solve problems at the right speed and with confidence – without being limited to precise algorithms or exacting statistical rigor. Business experts are empowered to select input data and variables, exercise control over thresholds for ML models, and even make guided changes in model creation.