How to Easily Block Fake Disposable Email Addresses in Mailgun


Whether your company is selling an amazing product or providing a high-quality service, it’s important to have a reliable and robust email infrastructure. This includes identifying and block fake disposable email addresses, which can lead to hard bounces and hurt your deliverability. The goal of this article is to show you how to easily block disposable email domains in Mailgun.

Domain Reputation Verification: Ensuring Authenticity and Reliability

Why Do People Use Disposable Email Addresses?

People use temporary or alias email addresses for a variety of reasons. Some are a reaction to how email has been used in the past, such as spam or unwanted content. Others want to avoid their personal email getting flooded or linked to their online activity, or they are concerned about companies sharing their address with other third parties. Some consumers simply need to register for a service, get gated content or score a discount while remaining anonymous online.

While some of these reasons are valid, there are also bad actors who use DEAs to commit fraudulent activities. Crooks can purchase items on your store without registering a real address because fraud detection tools don’t recognize the DEA at checkout. This is a major problem for businesses trying to build trust and engagement with their customers.

There are several ways to identify and block disposable email addresses in your list, including using email profiling and validation APIs, or manually updating your subscriber lists. However, a more effective solution is to work hard to earn the trust of your audience through outstanding products and services, backed by a customer care team that genuinely values your customers’ privacy.