Industrial Swing Gates

industrial swing gates

Industrial swing gates are an effective passive fall protection solution for a variety of industrial and commercial settings. Workers who spend time on rooftops completing tasks or performing inspections should have a safe, secure way to access the roof and stay within their designated walking area.

Whether you’re looking for an industrial safety gate to protect elevated platforms or mezzanines, or a ladder gate to provide safe access to a stairway or ship’s ladder, we have the right solution for your needs. All gates meet OSHA railing requirements, are adjustable in width and available in a variety of materials. Read more industrial swing gate –

How to Maintain Your Industrial Swing Gate to Ensure Maximum Security

Our spring loaded industrial safety gates are a cost-effective, easy to install solution for openings that employees regularly pass through during the workday. They are perfect for a variety of railing systems that are accessed by ladders or stairways, and they can open in either the left or right direction.

Vertical Lift Gates

In areas where there is limited space for slide or swing gates, vertical lift gates are a convenient alternative. They can quickly open/close several lanes of traffic, and are most effective in places where heavy snow falls occur.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers

Often used in conjunction with a slide or swing gate, barrier arms can control traffic, reduce tailgating and reduce vehicle strikes to the slide or swing gate. These barriers can cycle for every vehicle entering/exiting or only be deployed under threat conditions, which is known as a final denial barrier.