SEO Company Websites

A good seo company websites will do a thorough audit of your site, including looking at its code and content to evaluate factors like keyword density. They’ll also get to know your business, industry and audience in order to determine your SEO goals. They’ll then create and implement a strategy to drive relevant traffic to your site.

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When selecting an SEO agency, look for a portfolio that showcases past work and measurable results. Ask them about their processes and the way they communicate with clients. An experienced agency will be able to explain how they’ll achieve your objectives in a clear, concise manner.

A well-developed SEO campaign will include on-page optimization, link building and robust content strategy and execution. A reputable SEO company will also help you set up and leverage your website analytics, providing insight into performance week to week.

It’s important to have your pages structured in a way that search engines can understand what each one is about, and how they relate to other pages on your website. This includes proper use of heading tags (not too many, not too few), properly naming files and folders, creating descriptive categories for documents, creating friendlier URLs (not overly long or cryptic), and linking to related pages when appropriate. A good SEO company will also make sure your site loads quickly, as this is a critical factor in getting visitors to stick around. In addition, they’ll help you optimize your site for mobile devices.