The Pool Construction Process

Once the design of your new pool construction process is finalized, the construction process begins. First, we will stake out your pool’s shape in the backyard using spray paint to make sure the dimensions of your new pool are accurate. During this stage we also identify all underground services such as electrical wires, plumbing supply pipes, gas lines, irrigation, etc. This is a critical step and may take a couple of days.

Once all of the necessary underground services are located and marked, excavation begins. This is an exciting time to watch your backyard begin to transform. Our crews are experienced and skilled at working with the awesome machinery required for successful excavation. This process typically takes two days.

From Blueprint to Backsplash: Navigating the Swimming Pool Construction Journey

The next phase is the installation of the structural steel. This is a grid like structure of steel bars that are placed horizontally and vertically, per your engineering plans. The steel skeleton provides the strength to your new gunite shell.

Rough plumbing, or “stub out”, is done before the steel is installed. This includes the plumbing for your main drains, skimmer and return line as well as the lines needed for waterfalls, raised spas, cleaning systems and any other options you have selected. It is important that the plumbing be properly sized for maximum efficiency and water clarity.

Once the steel is in place, a layer of gunite, or concrete, is sprayed over the rebar forming your new swimming pool. It is important that the gunite be sprayed over the rebar, and not just on top of it. This will help prevent the formation of cracks and give your new pool longevity.