Click Fraud Protection Software Review

Click fraud protection software on online ads can deplete campaign budgets, skew analytics, and hinder ROI. To combat this, advertisers use click fraud protection software to detect and prevent these fraudulent activities by monitoring ad clicks in real-time, filtering out invalid or fake clicks, and blocking suspicious sources. The best click fraud detection software offers advanced features and algorithms that are able to identify the source of fraudulent activity, protect PPC campaigns from being skewed by these activities, and save advertising dollars.

Guarding Your Ad Budget: Proven Tactics to Eliminate Click Fraud and Boost Campaign Performance

The most common type of click fraud occurs from bots and users who are clicking on PPC ads to generate revenue for the site that displays the ad, or to consume a competitor’s ad budget to prevent them from reaching potential customers. This type of fraud has become so rampant that search engines are now putting their own resources into preventing this by dedicating task forces to detect and combat these types of clicks.

CHEQ is a click fraud detection tool that monitors ad clicks in real-time and alerts advertisers of any unusual or suspicious activity. The software identifies invalid clicks by analyzing the distribution of ad clicks and identifying any suspicious patterns. It also analyzes IP addresses and tries to identify repeated clicks coming from the same devices and locations.

The software is compatible with all Google Ads accounts and other popular ad platforms. It includes 24/7 fraud monitoring, real-time email alerts, and customizable blocking rules. In addition, it has a detailed reporting dashboard with 30+ data points per click and a comprehensive list of blocking exceptions. Its pricing is not listed on the website, but it can be requested through a contact form.