Ways to Ease the Stress of Leaving for a Vacation

Ways to ease the stress of leaving for a vacation

Whether you’re planning to jet off to a tropical paradise or just stay home for the weekend, taking time off from work can boost your health in many ways. According to a study from Project: Time Off, 76 percent of people who use all their vacation days feel happy with their trips and are more likely to return to work rested than those who don’t.

Ways to ease the stress of leaving for a vacation , research also shows that re-entry into work can be stressful for some. In fact, a recent survey from career website Monster found that 87 percent of employees experienced post-vacation stress and anxiety — so much that some even felt the urge to stay home in order to avoid it.

Here are Ways to Ease the Stress of Leaving for a Vacation:

1. Focus on Travel Experiences
The most important part of a trip is not where you go, but what you see and do while you’re there. If you’re traveling with a partner or family member, try to give each person a chance to plan and vote on the itinerary so everyone feels like their needs are met. Then, once you’re on the trip, focus on enjoying your experiences and let your worries about things that could happen at home or in your workplace drift away.

2. Manage Anxiety with a Therapist

A therapist can teach you strategies to deal with anxious feelings and help you learn how to cope before and during your trip, says Laura Sgro, an LA-based therapist. BetterHelp has more than 31,000 therapists who can help you manage your worries. Get matched in 48 hours and start your first session for free.